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Are you:

Motivated to get in shape?

Looking to lose a few pounds?

Concerned about self defense?

Interested in better self discipline?

Stressed out?

Ready to learn traditional karate?

Ages 15 & up.
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Most adults these days are thinking about these things. Most Americans are a little overweight (some a lot). Ours lives are very busy, yet sedentary. We don't get enough exercise. We have too much stress (which is slowly killing us).

Yet, we always seem to find a reason not to make the time to do something that is important for our health and well being.

"I have tried exercise plans, health clubs, gyms and even home workout equipment. I stay with it for a few months and get bored!"

Most of us have good intentions. We know we need to exercise. Maybe lose a few pounds. Try to rid ourselves of stress. Get in shape. Look and feel better. BUT...

Somehow it seems everything we try gets old and boring pretty fast. The gym membership gets wasted. The video tapes you ordered are collecting dust somewhere. How about that exercise machine you bought that turned into an expensive clothes rack (before it ended up in a garage sale).

So what is the solution? The adult program at the Mangan Martial Arts Academy.

But why martial arts? Good question.

Why Martial Arts?

Dear Friend,

I have been training in the martial arts for many years. It seems like yesterday when I started. Time seems to fly by.

For any physical conditioning program to work (mentally and physically) you need to stay with it for extended periods. Problem is...

Most things that adults do to stay trim, fit and feel good are just plain boring. Most of us have bought a one year health club membership and used it for two or three months and never went back. Or that exercise bike or treadmill that became a clothes rack after six months (or less!).

Many send for exercise videos thinking that "well, since I don't have time to go to the gym, I'll just work out at home". Yea, right!! That one usually lasts less than a month.

So why is martial arts different?

The answer is simple. It's fun. Interesting. Easy to measure your progress and there is always something new to learn.

Why is Mangan Martial Arts Academy Different?

There are a lot of approaches to teaching martial arts. Some schools are very strict and traditional. You cannot talk in class. You never approach your instructor. Instead you must ask one of the assistants if you have a question. The head instructor is not only non approachable, but if you make a mistake, they have some pretty interesting ways of making you know it. None of which make you feel very good!

Then there are the non traditional schools. Kind like a playground for martial artists. Not much in the way of respect or tradition. They don't teach many of the traditional forms and drills that the ancient masters based their systems on. Some of them are more like boxing gyms without the ring. A total absence of tradition and decorum.

We believe that the best learning situation is somewhere in between. We do believe in and follow a certain amount of the Far Eastern tradition. No, not in a religious sense at all. But we do bow as we enter the training area as a gesture of courtesy to each other. We value honor, courtesy and respect.

I personally believe that the best learning atmosphere is a relaxed friendly one. I think that is why we have attracted such a nice following of adults in our program. Men and women who like to learn and train. Enjoy each others company and have ultimate respect for themselves, the instructors and each other.

Special Internet Offer

The fact that you are reading this tells me you are looking for something. Maybe it is to learn to defend yourself. Maybe to get in shape or lose weight. Maybe you want to increase your self discipline or self confidence. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn martial arts. Maybe you just want to participate in a fun activity with other fine adults.

You can do all of these things and more at the Mangan Martial Arts Academy.

Over the years I have seen many adult students benefit from our unique approach to teaching martial arts. These are a few:

Learning how to defend yourself gives you confidence and a feeling of well being.



  • Men and women lose up to 50 pounds.

  • Increased confidence leading to job promotions and new careers.

  • Students successfully defend themselves in real street attacks.

  • An increased sense of well being.

  • Develop the self discipline to move ahead in their personal lives.

  • Relationships improve due to stress reduction.

  • Set new goals that before seemed unobtainable.

Don't just take my word for it, just listen to what other students have to say about our unique programs.

"I am writing to thank you for the outstanding martial arts training program you provide. When I joined your school my chief reason was to lose some weight. Now in just seven months I have lost 30 pounds and am 15 pounds lighter than on my wedding day seven years ago.

This is the only exercise that I have ever enjoyed doing. My one regret is that I didn't join years ago! Thanks again."

Tom Obrien, Student

"I wanted to take the opportunity to express how much I appreciate your school and the training I receive. I am looking forward.. to eventually achieving my goal of becoming a black belt."

Bob Moore, Student

"I always enjoyed training at your school. I stayed in shape, got a great workout and learned so much. Having had trained in other schools prior to coming with you, I really could appreciate your program. Now that I have moved away I really miss and appreciate what I once had. I am still looking for a place to train. Once you have had the best, it's tough to settle for the rest."

Bob Petrone, Past Student


We can give you example after example but the best way to
know if this program is for you is to try it out!

"I love training at your school. I always get a good workout, learn some awesome techniques and have a lot of fun"

- Dr. Vincent LaSorsa

Every Student Is Special

Our Instructors are trained to give each student attention so that you make steady progress and continue to grow and improve.

We get to know your strengths, weaknesses and motivation. With many years of combined experience, our instructional staff is focused and competent to meet even the most challenging situations.

I would like to make it easy for you to try out our program. I know that once you start training at our school that you will want to continue for a long, long time.


Let us assume any risk you may have by making this very special Internet offer. We would like to offer you free month of lessons without any obligation whatsoever, plus... these extra free gifts. Available only through this free Internet registration offer.

Take advantage of this special Internet offer today. Here is what you get...

1) A free Official martial arts uniform ( a $40 value). Wearing that uniform makes you feel like you are part of something very special.
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3)  And a private Introductory lesson! This will insure that you get a good start in our exciting program.

All this and it's only $29 but only for our online registers. Just click on the link below to register now. Remember there are no other costs or future obligation whatsoever.

If you have questions or need to speak to someone, give us a call at 704-799-3645. Tell the receptionist that you are calling about the Special Internet Offer.

Whether you register online or call to register I urge you to act today. This special offer is limited and sure to fill up quickly. Right now is the best time to insure your child's future!

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Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you.


Sensei Bob Mangan

PS Remember, it's your life. Do something today that will give you greater self confidence and self esteem. Martial Arts training will help you develop and keep a positive mental attitude and give you the best chance in life for success. There is no better way to stay in shape, have fun, learn to defend yourself, lose weight and relieve stress. Register today to take advantage of our special free Internet offer.

PPS While you are at it, why not consider enrolling your child in our very special children's program. Remember, the greatest gifts you can give your child are self confidence, greater self esteem and a positive mental attitude. Give them the best chance they have at attaining these all important qualities.

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